For Sale

VX-2000 Camera Cover

After searching high and low for a reasonably priced cover to protect our camera from the severe dust we often work in while covering desert races, we came up with our own. This hand crafted cover has protected our investment!

Made from a naugahide type outer surface and a soft padded interior, this cover includes a built in 58mm filter that screws onto the lens of your camera to seal dust out at the front. The zipper is covered by a cloth flap and the eyepiece slides through an opening in the rear. The result? No fear of camera damage even in the talc like dust from the silt beds in Southern Nevada!

The camera controls are manipulated through the cover. Sounds crude, but it is effective for us. Simply ensure that your settings are right for the shot, zip the cover up and go to work.

Oh - and yes, they are available in other colors!

If you would like more information on this cover or would like to purchase one, please e-mail